Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Obama assassination poll was a sick gesture

Here's a screenshot of the poll, which Facebook yanked after users alerted the social networking site. Source : London Telegraph

The recent Facebook poll that asked whether Barack Obama should be assassinated was sick and appalling. My guess is that such a poll may not violate the law because it was not a threat to kill the president. Still, I'm glad the Secret Service is investigating and I hope agents get to the bottom of the matter.
CNN this morning said former President George W. Bush did not trigger as much talk about assassination as Obama. That could be. I haven't seen any hard numbers on that question. But if you change the question and ask how many people from foreign countries would like to see the American president killed, then I'll bet President Bush saw greater hostility.
I was reminded of that while in Bolivia a few weeks ago when I came across graffiti reading: "Kill Bush."

"Kill Bush" was spray-painted on a building in La Paz, Bolivia

To be sure, Bush has enemies in Latin America, and even more in such countries as Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran.
I don't endorse the killing of anyone, not Bush, not Obama or anyone else. Unfortunately, it's a violent world where people are willing to kill - or be killed - for their beliefs.

The "Kill Bush" graffiti was located in a neighborhood popular among foreign tourists and backpackers

I am sure some people hate Obama because he is black. It is sad that undercurrents of racism still run strong in the United States decades after the civil rights movement of the 1960s.
Kudos to Facebook for yanking the Obama assassination poll.

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