Thursday, October 22, 2009

New study: Most print journalists happy despite newspapers' troubles

American journalists: Let's get on with it

A study called Life Beyond Print says most newspaper journalists are eager to join the digital revolution. The 66-page study says:
America’s journalists want a quicker transformation from print to digital delivery of the news, a study of almost 3,800 people in a cross-section of newspaper newsrooms shows.
The study, conducted earlier this year in 79 newsrooms, indicates most journalists are eager to compete in a digital world and almost half say their newsroom’s transition from print to digital is moving too slowly. Only 20 percent of the workforce like things the way they are or yearn for the good old days.
The study also said most newspaper journalists are happy.
Despite industry turmoil, great optimism: The study found that 77 percent of journalists are somewhat or very satisfied with their current jobs.
More than 2 out of 3 think it somewhat or very likely they will be in the news business two years from now; and more than half (59 percent) think they’ll likely be with their same newspaper.

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