Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Which photos are the most creative and effective?

Congratulations to Team Two, which won the Nov. 5 photo contest in photojournalism class at Flagler College.
This week, the class divided into eight teams for a second contest. The goal: To take a photo that expresses a thought, idea or emotion.
Students had to use props that the teacher supplied, and they had to complete the assignment on deadline while in class.
Please vote for the team that took the best photos.

Team One, above
Theme: Becoming one with the "balloon hole"

Team Two, above
Theme: Christmas gift-wrapping-induced stress

Team Three, above
Themes: A student's Christmas, above. Statically electrified, top

Team Four, above
Theme: All great art starts with a box of crayons

Team Five, above
Theme: Holiday season hassles, above.

Team Six, above
Theme: A man and his puppet

Team Seven, above
Theme: Flagler College Winter Wonderland

Team Eight, above
Theme: Group photo with Christmas props

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