Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Google Revolution

This video is also posted on YouTube. Camera: Sony Handycam

The other day at Flagler College, students discussed Google and other technological wonders that are changing the way people work and live. Among their observations:
* Young people today need "instant gratification," and Google helps provide that.
* Many students can't resist texting even if they're driving or walking down stairs.
* Common abbreviations used in text messaging -- OMG and TTYL, for instance -- are replacing words in spoken conversations.
* Many people prefer skimming the surface of the Internet rather than trying to get an in-depth view of a subject. Said one student:
People know a little about a lot of different things instead of a lot about a couple of different things.
But overall, students were mostly upbeat about Google. Said one:
It's kind of hard to find things you don't like about Google.

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