Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Haiti is as close as some Spring Break destinations

Student journalist Matt Boyle at work on the campus of Flagler College in St. Augustine.

Kudos to Matt Boyle for writing a story about efforts at Flagler College to raise money for victims of the horrific earthquake in Haiti.
I told Matt that the Haiti quake was the deadliest ever in the Western Hemisphere and tried to make a point about Haiti not being all that far from us at Flagler College.
To be more specific, St. Augustine is 967 miles from Port-au-Prince. Maybe that's not exactly "in our backyard," as the cliche goes.
But it's closer than Wichita, which is 1,062 miles away. And it's certainly closer than Shangai, China, which is 7,965 miles from St. Augustine. (The two deadliest quakes of all time occurred in China).

St. Augustine to Port-au-Prince: 967 miles.
St. Augustine to Wichita: 1,062 miles.
You don't hear of many Florida students taking off to Shangai for Spring Break. But they do go to the Dominican Republic, which borders Haiti.

At least one student Flagler College student was on her way home from the Dominican Republic as CNN's Anderson Cooper and other journalists - along with rescuers and aid workers - were scrambling to get in to Haiti from the Santo Domingo. That's how close Haiti is. And that's the point I was trying to make about distance.

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