Sunday, February 14, 2010

Coquina magazine launched

Coquina magazine

Over the weekend, I started an online magazine for Flagler College students. It is called Coquina, named after the native Florida rock used to build Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine.
The magazine is a work in progress. I'll add students' stories and photos in the weeks and months to come. My hope is that Coquina will give students a way to showcase some of their best stories and photos.

The magazine will include:
* Profiles of some of the fascinating characters who live in and around St. Augustine.
* Articles about attractions, museums, parks, businesses and other local spots.
* How-to articles giving advice on everything from surfing to how to survive the Apocalypse.
* Stories about interesting or controversial issues.
* Articles about restaurants and local watering holes.
* Tales about life in St. Augustine.


  1. Prof. Eaton, I saw your piece in Cuba News and was wondering if you had interest in speaking with me about the certified property claims in Cuba.

    Javier Garcia-Bengochea

  2. Javier,
    Sure, that would be great. Please feel free to contact me via e-mail and we can arrange a conversation. My e-mail address is: Take care, Tracey