Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Flagler College students debate pros and cons of TV

Maghan Katrick

Flagler College students today discussed whether television is good or bad for society. Maghan Katrick, above, said she doesn't have cable at home. See her video clip here. She said:
I'd prefer not to be bombarded with the news and commercials and things like that.
Jessica Reynolds

Jessica Reynolds said the Discovery Channel and other educational channels can be good for viewers. See her video clip here.

Below are video clips of students interviewing each other.

Michelle McCallister

Greg Taafe interviewed Michelle McCallister. The video clip is here. Michelle said she watches "for sure a couple hours" of television every day. She said:
You gotta watch that much.
Television is a part of our American society, she said.
There's nothing much we can do now.
Robert Perry

Christian Hintz interviewed Robert Perry, who described television as "bad" for society because it contributes to "laziness." See clip here.

Melissa Schafroth

Courtney Przepasniak interviewed Melissa Schafroth, who said television "takes away from family time." See video clip here.

Snuggies: Enhancing the lure of television since 2008.

Jessica Duffy spoke to two students, Cassidy Killinger, who appeared to be wearing a Wild Side™ Leopard Super Soft Fleece Blanket, and Morganne Lonny. See video clip.

Christian Tomaselli

Matt Stein interviewed Christian Tomaselli, who said television "makes you lazy." See video.

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