Thursday, September 2, 2010

Award-winning producer stands and delivers at Flagler College

Helen Whitney spoke on Tuesday at Flagler College

Producer Helen Whitney helped kick off the fall semester at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Fla., this week, urging students to wrestle with important questions about life, literature, religion and more.
Whitney was the featured speaker at the college's convocation ceremony, which brought together Flagler's freshman class.
Her speech was inspiring and I think many professors got just as much out of it as the students. Whitney's speech flowed beautifully and was packed with dramatic tales, emotion and humor.
She didn't just entertain. She talked about students' hopes, dreams and fears. She gave them ideas. And she spoke with the kind of passion that helped her create award-winning documentaries for ABC and PBS Frontline.
Whitney encouraged students to read deeply. Don't just skim, she told them. Read, discover and learn, she said.
This is such a vital message today because many of us have turned into power browsers. We skim the Internet, flitting from page to page as we field messages, watch videos and scan headlines.
This does little to promote quiet reflection and deep thinking, yet we all know the world's full of complex problems that demand much more from all of us. Whitney's speech was a valuable reminder of that.

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