Monday, November 15, 2010

How to balance social life and GPA - II

Here's how another group of students responded to the question:

Having an active social life without ruining your G.P.A could be difficult if you are not self disciplined. It is easy to get caught up in parties and drinking once you are away from home and free to do as you please. We girls have come with ten steps to follow by in order to still have fun without flunking out of college.

1. Finish your homework before you go out.
2. Plan your social life around your academic life.
3. Consider your schooling a 9-5 job than party afterward.
4. Mix homework with social activities ex. study groups.
5. Do not procrastinate your homework.
6. No your limits for drinking. Don’t binge drink.
7. Don’t go out every single night.
8. Get enough sleep.
9. Use your planner to stay organized.
10. Manage your Facebook time.

By Breanna Berry, Annaeleise, Jaime, Johanna, Brittany Wheeler, Erin, Emma, Alex, Lauren, Bianca, Kelsey, Nadine, Sarah, Britany, Carey, Adair, Lianne, Kelsey, Katy, Alex Carlo

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