Monday, November 15, 2010

How to balance social life and GPA - III

Here's a third response to the question - how to maintain a high GPA without sacrificing your social life:

Parties, drinking, social life; to college students, these aspects of life are crucial to their well being on a social level throughout the campus. One major aspect of college seems to stand in the way of all of these activities. This aspect is called the ,"GPA" or "Grade Point Average". Obtaining an above average to excellent GPA is crucial for college students for it represents their individual try in their academic career. To have an excellent GPA and also maintain a beneficial social life is a sticky task, but, I feel as though I have a perfect solution. I hope these helpful hints come in handy to every college student alike.

1. Always get homework done, FIRST!
2. Never say out late if you have an early class.
3. Prepare a meal before an early class to obtain beneficial retention.
4. Give yourself time to study in-between or after classes for every subject.
5. Test on Friday! No sweat, give yourself at least two weeks to study a little bit every day.
6. Before drinking, question if getting wasted will affect your sleep resolving in a skipped class.
7. If you decide to drink on a particular night and have an early class in the morning, drink water with every drink to settle your stomach for easy sleep.
8. For every drink you consume in one night, allow yourself one hour of studying prior going out.
9. Attend class, yeah it's hard sometimes, but it's totally worth the hour or so.
10. If you accidentally miss a class, follow an email to your professor or fellow classmate regarding anything you have missed.

With these helpful hints, I hope college students will learn how to better organize a successful social and academic experience.

By Michael O'Hara

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