Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mystery cone at Flagler College: The plot thickens

Mysteriously a traffic cone has made its way to the top of the Flagler College Ponce Dome.

Ashley Anderson, a tour guide at the college, said that a member of her tour pointed out the traffic cone about a week and a half ago. Anderson said that nobody aside from that tour member has noticed the cone.

Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Yvan Kelly said he has no idea how the cone made its way up there. “My guess is someone climbed up there and put it there last week,” said Kelly. He acknowledges that work has been done on the third floor of Ponce, specifically on the dome, but doesn’t believe that an on-site worker is responsible.

Matt Angelo, a senior help desk technician at Flagler, said he spotted the cone two weeks ago after noticing students pointing up at it. Angelo said that the cone was sitting higher up on the rod on the dome. Since then, it has settled onto the top of the dome.

Students and school officials said they didn't believe that anyone has made an effort to remove the cone.

Student Carolyn Kienzle, 21, said she doesn’t want to see the cone taken down. “Some dumb kid probably placed it up there like they did two years ago with the flags on the smokestack,” said Kienzle. In the past two flags were placed on the smokestack above the Molly Wiley Art Building.

Kelly said Dan Stewart, dean of student services, is responsible for the disciplinary actions should the perpetrator be caught. “It is a safety issue and a harsher punishment could be issued if there was any damage to the building,” said Kelly.
Story by Tiffany Langello, Michael Isam and Nick Cardoso

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